Handylearn Counter now for Android

Handylearn Counter with pie chart of a traffic censusHandylearn Counter is a popular productivity software, used since 2006 on classical feature phones and Symbian smart phones. The software replaces a tally sheet and is used for traffic census, election ballot counting or monitor animal population.

The Android version enables you to share the result with e-mail or your favourite social network.

Get it for free from Google Play Store.
The Android app Solar Explorer on Google Play

Wavelabor now for Android

wavelab_fire_singleThe Handylearn Wavelabor is an educational app that is also fun to experiment with. It helps to understand the physical concept of interference of waves.

The physics of waves is fundamental to acoustics and optics, but also for quantum mechanics.

The Handylearn Wavelabor is now freely available for Android phones from Google Play and the Nokia-X store.

The Android app Handylearn Wavelabor on Google Play