The physics lab to take with you

You can use the wavelab to show the propagation and interference of waves. This is essential to appreciate the strange concepts of quantum mechanics.

Don’t be afraid if you don’t understand what this is all about. It is about the mathematical simulation of a physical concept. But you can have fun without deep physical knowledge. We provided several color schemes and a real-time control with the digit keys of your mobile phone. And physics is also about having fun with experiments.

Control the wavelength.

wavelab_fire_short wavelab_fire_src_1 wavelab_fire_long

Choose a color scheme.

wave lab with blue color scheme wave llab with rainbow color scheme wave lab with green color scheme

Show the interference.

interference of two waves interference on long wave lengtp interference with blue waves

The control screens of the Wavelabor.

settings pagecolor-sheme choosermain menu of wavelab

Direct Manipulation

You can control the parameters directly on the simulation screen with the digit keys.



You get the software free of charge.

System requirements: color screen with at least 128 * 128 pixels. Java MidP2. The mobile phone needs a reasonable powerful processor to let the software run smoothly.

Installation with the help of a PC:

Download the following file:

download to pc and then transfer to mobile wavelab.jar

Installation direct to the mobile phone:

Open the following URL in the wap-browser of your mobile phone:

download to mobile phone

Choose beta software, and the Wavelabor.

Your mobile phone provider may charge you for downloading, the download size is about 35kb.